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Airports Near Multan

Airports Near Multan, Pakistan

Multan International Airport
Multan (MUX) 5.5 km/3.4 miles
Bahawalpur Airport
Bahawalpur (BHV) 97.1 km/60.3 miles
Dera Ghazi Khan Airport
Dera Ghazi Khan (DEA) 98.7 km/61.3 miles
Faisalabad International Airport
Faisalabad (LYP) 194.9 km/121.1 miles
Dera Ismael Khan Airport
Dera Ismael Khan (DSK) 198.4 km/123.3 miles
Zhob Airport
Fort Sandeman (PZH) 231.6 km/143.9 miles
Shaikh Zaid Airport
Rahim Yar Khan (RYK) 232.5 km/144.4 miles
Sui Airport
Sui (SUL) 281.6 km/175 miles
Walton Airport
Walton (OPLH) 309.8 km/192.5 miles
Alama Iqbal International Airport
Lahore (LHE) 316 km/196.4 miles
Mangla Airport
Mangla (XJM) 377.7 km/234.7 miles
Sialkot Airport
Sialkot (SKT) 378 km/234.9 miles
Sukkur Airport
Mirpur Khas (SKZ) 379.2 km/235.6 miles

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