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Cities Near Barekat?

Saidi is 30.25 miles/48.68 kms away
Yekta is 43.09 miles/69.34 kms away
Beyt is 54.1 miles/87.06 kms away
Chabahar is 66.39 miles/106.84 kms away
Dadeh is 71.32 miles/114.77 kms away
Garan is 75.07 miles/120.81 kms away
Takhti is 84.87 miles/136.59 kms away
Afshan is 90.24 miles/145.23 kms away
Karbala is 97.4 miles/156.75 kms away
Sardaran is 105.06 miles/169.07 kms away
Bazman is 114.26 miles/183.88 kms away
Geraf is 135.42 miles/217.93 kms away
Gasht is 148.55 miles/239.07 kms away
Khash is 149.63 miles/240.81 kms away
Mashin is 156.57 miles/251.98 kms away
Sahand is 30.26 miles/48.7 kms away
Park is 51.47 miles/82.83 kms away
Giti is 64.63 miles/104.02 kms away
Rask is 66.93 miles/107.72 kms away
Iranshahr is 72.34 miles/116.43 kms away
Kashi is 81.9 miles/131.8 kms away
Pasin is 85.8 miles/138.08 kms away
Beyt is 95.89 miles/154.31 kms away
Vanak is 101.2 miles/162.86 kms away
Shahri is 112.71 miles/181.39 kms away
Hoor is 117.46 miles/189.04 kms away
Astan is 146.51 miles/235.78 kms away
Mohammadi is 149.41 miles/240.46 kms away
Sardasht is 150.65 miles/242.45 kms away
Jask is 162.89 miles/262.15 kms away

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