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Cities Near Bornhorst?

Klein Hansdorf is 5.03 miles/8.1 kms away
Bargteheide is 5.35 miles/8.61 kms away
Groß Niendorf is 5.73 miles/9.22 kms away
Heiderfeld is 6.11 miles/9.84 kms away
Tralau is 6.44 miles/10.37 kms away
Delingsdorf is 6.69 miles/10.76 kms away
Henstedt is 6.81 miles/10.95 kms away
Tremsbüttel is 7.03 miles/11.32 kms away
Bünningstedt is 7.21 miles/11.6 kms away
Neversdorf is 7.47 miles/12.02 kms away
Rümpel is 7.48 miles/12.04 kms away
Ulzburg is 7.57 miles/12.19 kms away
Kattendorf is 7.66 miles/12.33 kms away
Ahrensburg is 7.7 miles/12.4 kms away
Todesfelde is 8.09 miles/13.02 kms away
Hüttblek is 5.35 miles/8.6 kms away
Sievershütten is 5.35 miles/8.61 kms away
Vinzier is 5.91 miles/9.51 kms away
Duvenstedt is 6.37 miles/10.25 kms away
Kisdorf is 6.54 miles/10.53 kms away
Leezen is 6.69 miles/10.77 kms away
Winsen is 7.03 miles/11.31 kms away
Fredesdorf is 7.04 miles/11.33 kms away
Voßhöhlen is 7.43 miles/11.95 kms away
Struvenhütten is 7.47 miles/12.03 kms away
Rohlfshagen is 7.57 miles/12.19 kms away
Nütschau is 7.63 miles/12.27 kms away
Hammoor is 7.66 miles/12.33 kms away
Bentfurt is 7.93 miles/12.75 kms away
Bergstedt is 8.17 miles/13.15 kms away

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