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Cities Near Botowo?

Kromerowo is 5.07 miles/8.16 kms away
Dzwierzuty is 5.76 miles/9.26 kms away
Dzwierzuty is 6.63 miles/10.68 kms away
Klausen is 7.18 miles/11.56 kms away
Maradki is 7.67 miles/12.35 kms away
Targowo is 8.11 miles/13.05 kms away
Sorkwity is 8.86 miles/14.26 kms away
Groszkowo is 9.13 miles/14.7 kms away
Kleisack is 9.24 miles/14.86 kms away
Mokiny is 9.52 miles/15.32 kms away
Mokiny is 10.03 miles/16.14 kms away
Otole is 10.39 miles/16.72 kms away
Reuschhagen is 10.56 miles/16.99 kms away
Barczewo is 10.62 miles/17.09 kms away
Surmau is 10.99 miles/17.69 kms away
Mycielin is 5.35 miles/8.62 kms away
Tumiany is 6.02 miles/9.68 kms away
Gross Rauschken is 7.06 miles/11.36 kms away
Stanclewo is 7.5 miles/12.06 kms away
Bredynki is 8.02 miles/12.91 kms away
Sorkwity is 8.47 miles/13.64 kms away
Wipsowo is 9.11 miles/14.67 kms away
Wipsowo is 9.23 miles/14.85 kms away
Lysa Gora is 9.41 miles/15.15 kms away
Slomowo is 9.94 miles/16 kms away
Prejlowo is 10.13 miles/16.31 kms away
Barczewo is 10.45 miles/16.83 kms away
Klein Rosoggen is 10.56 miles/16.99 kms away
Gellen is 10.7 miles/17.22 kms away
Szymanowo is 11.08 miles/17.84 kms away

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