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Cities Near Brzeg?

Nowe Kolnie is 5.58 miles/8.98 kms away
Bierzow is 6.06 miles/9.75 kms away
Losiow is 6.3 miles/10.14 kms away
Smiechowice is 6.39 miles/10.29 kms away
Jankowice Wielkie is 6.47 miles/10.42 kms away
Losiow is 6.65 miles/10.7 kms away
Chwalibozyce is 6.71 miles/10.81 kms away
Scinawa is 6.89 miles/11.08 kms away
Bystrzyca is 7.08 miles/11.39 kms away
Godzikowice is 7.72 miles/12.42 kms away
Przylesie Dolne is 8.17 miles/13.15 kms away
Stare Kolnie is 8.63 miles/13.88 kms away
Tarnowiec is 8.86 miles/14.25 kms away
Olawa is 9.07 miles/14.59 kms away
Riebnig is 9.57 miles/15.4 kms away
Zwanowice is 5.65 miles/9.09 kms away
Dobrzy is 6.14 miles/9.87 kms away
Jankowice Wielkie is 6.38 miles/10.27 kms away
Dobrzy is 6.42 miles/10.33 kms away
Godzikowice is 6.64 miles/10.68 kms away
Chwalibozyce is 6.71 miles/10.79 kms away
Owczary is 6.89 miles/11.08 kms away
Kopanie is 7 miles/11.27 kms away
Czeska Wies is 7.37 miles/11.86 kms away
Scinawa Polska is 7.93 miles/12.76 kms away
Scinawa Polska is 8.19 miles/13.18 kms away
Boruta is 8.73 miles/14.05 kms away
Kurznie is 9.01 miles/14.51 kms away
Olawa is 9.44 miles/15.2 kms away
Riebnig is 9.73 miles/15.66 kms away

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