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Cities Near Burgos?

Guzmán is 27.24 miles/43.84 kms away
Altamira is 38.89 miles/62.58 kms away
Santa Catarina is 42.82 miles/68.91 kms away
Ejido Benito Juárez is 45.69 miles/73.53 kms away
Gomez Palacio is 48.73 miles/78.43 kms away
Linares is 49.58 miles/79.79 kms away
Santander Jiménez is 54.43 miles/87.6 kms away
Hualahuises is 55.95 miles/90.05 kms away
Del Carmen is 58.42 miles/94.01 kms away
General Terán is 60.41 miles/97.23 kms away
Barretal is 63.45 miles/102.11 kms away
Abasolo is 66.42 miles/106.89 kms away
Escobedo is 70.33 miles/113.18 kms away
Los Ramones is 73.45 miles/118.21 kms away
Valle Hermoso is 77.29 miles/124.39 kms away
San Cristóbal is 28.92 miles/46.55 kms away
San Fernando is 40.29 miles/64.84 kms away
América is 45.4 miles/73.07 kms away
Ampliación La Loma is 45.81 miles/73.72 kms away
Zacatecas is 48.96 miles/78.79 kms away
La Reforma is 50.52 miles/81.31 kms away
Villagrán is 55.13 miles/88.72 kms away
San Fernando is 58.2 miles/93.66 kms away
China is 58.95 miles/94.88 kms away
Chihuahua is 62.62 miles/100.77 kms away
Padilla is 64.49 miles/103.78 kms away
Montemorelos is 66.94 miles/107.73 kms away
Iturbide is 72.07 miles/115.98 kms away
Piedras is 74.97 miles/120.65 kms away
Graciano Sánchez is 78.02 miles/125.56 kms away

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