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Cities Near Canada?

Septeuil is 5.02 miles/8.08 kms away
Magnanville is 5.13 miles/8.26 kms away
Marcq is 5.22 miles/8.41 kms away
Juziers is 5.34 miles/8.6 kms away
Soindres is 5.36 miles/8.62 kms away
Mantes-la-jolie is 5.39 miles/8.68 kms away
Boinvilliers is 5.44 miles/8.75 kms away
Le Marais is 5.58 miles/8.98 kms away
Autouillet is 5.63 miles/9.06 kms away
Courgent is 5.97 miles/9.61 kms away
Bouafle is 6.05 miles/9.74 kms away
Gassicourt is 6.15 miles/9.9 kms away
Les Alluets-le-roi is 6.26 miles/10.08 kms away
Favrieux is 6.31 miles/10.15 kms away
Buchelay is 6.4 miles/10.3 kms away
Herbeville is 5.11 miles/8.22 kms away
Soindres is 5.17 miles/8.32 kms away
La Couperie is 5.3 miles/8.54 kms away
Les Bilheux is 5.35 miles/8.61 kms away
Magnanville is 5.37 miles/8.64 kms away
Boulincourt is 5.4 miles/8.69 kms away
Flexanville is 5.5 miles/8.86 kms away
Guitrancourt is 5.63 miles/9.06 kms away
Flacourt is 5.91 miles/9.51 kms away
Flacourt is 6.04 miles/9.72 kms away
Buchelay is 6.1 miles/9.82 kms away
Auteuil-le-roi is 6.26 miles/10.07 kms away
Fontenay-mauvoisin is 6.3 miles/10.15 kms away
Les Alluets is 6.35 miles/10.22 kms away
Beynes is 6.51 miles/10.47 kms away

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