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Cities Near Dundee?

Petersburg is 6.33 miles/10.19 kms away
Deerfield is 7.32 miles/11.78 kms away
Milan is 8.57 miles/13.79 kms away
Samaria is 11.6 miles/18.67 kms away
Willis is 11.98 miles/19.28 kms away
Temperance is 12.31 miles/19.8 kms away
La Salle is 12.98 miles/20.9 kms away
Ottawa Lake is 13.7 miles/22.05 kms away
Lambertville is 14.48 miles/23.31 kms away
Blissfield is 14.77 miles/23.77 kms away
Erie is 15.41 miles/24.8 kms away
Clinton is 16.84 miles/27.1 kms away
Belleville is 17.88 miles/28.78 kms away
New Boston is 18.46 miles/29.71 kms away
Toledo is 18.73 miles/30.14 kms away
Ida is 6.95 miles/11.19 kms away
Maybee is 7.76 miles/12.49 kms away
Britton is 9.2 miles/14.81 kms away
Monroe is 11.73 miles/18.87 kms away
Whittaker is 12.2 miles/19.63 kms away
Riga is 12.34 miles/19.86 kms away
Tecumseh is 12.99 miles/20.91 kms away
Carleton is 14.12 miles/22.73 kms away
Palmyra is 14.59 miles/23.48 kms away
Saline is 14.87 miles/23.93 kms away
Luna Pier is 15.66 miles/25.21 kms away
Ypsilanti is 17.18 miles/27.65 kms away
Bridgewater is 18.16 miles/29.23 kms away
Sylvania is 18.68 miles/30.06 kms away
Newport is 19.36 miles/31.15 kms away

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