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Cities Near Latvia?

Dreilini is 5.02 miles/8.08 kms away
Burchardmuiza is 5.15 miles/8.29 kms away
Jaunmilgravis is 5.25 miles/8.45 kms away
Myza Strazdu is 5.52 miles/8.89 kms away
Babite is 5.65 miles/9.09 kms away
Katlakalna is 5.9 miles/9.5 kms away
Skulte is 5.92 miles/9.53 kms away
Suzi is 6.23 miles/10.03 kms away
Medemciems is 6.41 miles/10.31 kms away
Daugavgriva is 6.72 miles/10.81 kms away
(( Sleperi )) is 7.01 miles/11.28 kms away
Pinki is 7.15 miles/11.51 kms away
Balozi is 7.19 miles/11.58 kms away
Balozi is 7.37 miles/11.86 kms away
Berzciems is 7.74 miles/12.45 kms away
Ramava is 5.07 miles/8.17 kms away
Mezciems is 5.2 miles/8.37 kms away
Mezares is 5.26 miles/8.47 kms away
Stunisi is 5.57 miles/8.97 kms away
Vecmilgravis is 5.76 miles/9.26 kms away
Jugla is 5.92 miles/9.53 kms away
Bolderaja is 6.06 miles/9.75 kms away
Ozolkalni is 6.24 miles/10.05 kms away
Bullugals is 6.62 miles/10.66 kms away
(( Parumba )) is 6.82 miles/10.98 kms away
Jaunciems is 7.12 miles/11.46 kms away
Sarkanmuiza is 7.18 miles/11.55 kms away
Bukulti is 7.32 miles/11.78 kms away
Bullu is 7.56 miles/12.17 kms away
Priedaine is 7.81 miles/12.57 kms away

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