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Cities Near Malacatán?

El Rodeo is 5.68 miles/9.14 kms away
La Reforma is 17.05 miles/27.43 kms away
Ayutla is 17.45 miles/28.08 kms away
San Pedro Sacatepéquez is 19.47 miles/31.33 kms away
Flores Costa Cuca is 23.27 miles/37.45 kms away
Colomba is 24.66 miles/39.68 kms away
San Martín Sacatepéquez is 27.33 miles/43.98 kms away
San Juan Ostuncalco is 29.03 miles/46.71 kms away
San Mateo is 31.25 miles/50.29 kms away
Sipacapa is 32.92 miles/52.98 kms away
San Carlos Sija is 33.87 miles/54.51 kms away
San Sebastián is 35.28 miles/56.78 kms away
San Felipe is 35.88 miles/57.74 kms away
Salcajá is 40.08 miles/64.51 kms away
Cuyotenango is 41.05 miles/66.07 kms away
Pajapita is 12.71 miles/20.46 kms away
San Marcos is 17.32 miles/27.87 kms away
Coatepeque is 18.46 miles/29.72 kms away
San Antonio Sacatepéquez is 21.64 miles/34.83 kms away
Génova is 24.35 miles/39.19 kms away
Xelacán is 26.52 miles/42.67 kms away
San Miguel Sigüilá is 28.93 miles/46.56 kms away
Sibilia is 29.74 miles/47.86 kms away
La Esperanza is 32.36 miles/52.07 kms away
Cabricán is 33.11 miles/53.28 kms away
Retalhuleu is 35.25 miles/56.73 kms away
El Palmar is 35.65 miles/57.37 kms away
Quetzaltenango is 35.91 miles/57.8 kms away
San Francisco El Alto is 40.21 miles/64.71 kms away
Malacatancito is 41.77 miles/67.23 kms away

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