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Cities Near Omemee?

Bethany is 8.11 miles/13.05 kms away
Peterborough is 10.73 miles/17.27 kms away
Millbrook is 11.49 miles/18.49 kms away
Pentypool is 14.42 miles/23.21 kms away
Lakefield is 16.75 miles/26.96 kms away
Campbellcroft is 18.5 miles/29.78 kms away
Keene is 19.28 miles/31.02 kms away
Tyrone is 21.25 miles/34.2 kms away
Harwood is 21.51 miles/34.61 kms away
Cannington is 24.14 miles/38.85 kms away
Newcastle is 26.54 miles/42.71 kms away
Victoria Road is 28.06 miles/45.15 kms away
Bowmanville is 28.42 miles/45.74 kms away
Norwood is 28.59 miles/46.01 kms away
Cobourg is 29.86 miles/48.06 kms away
Lindsay is 9.7 miles/15.61 kms away
Dunsford is 11.15 miles/17.95 kms away
Manvers is 12.89 miles/20.74 kms away
Bobcaygeon is 16.12 miles/25.94 kms away
Douro is 18.23 miles/29.34 kms away
Fenelon Falls is 18.9 miles/30.42 kms away
Buckhorn is 20.32 miles/32.7 kms away
Burketon Station is 21.26 miles/34.21 kms away
Port Perry is 23.48 miles/37.79 kms away
Blackwater is 25.17 miles/40.5 kms away
Port Hope is 27.18 miles/43.74 kms away
Coboconk is 28.18 miles/45.35 kms away
Myrtle Station is 28.46 miles/45.8 kms away
Hastings is 29.67 miles/47.75 kms away
Courtice is 30.3 miles/48.76 kms away

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