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Cities Near Plateros?

Buenaventura is 18.56 miles/29.86 kms away
Calera Víctor Rosales is 20.75 miles/33.39 kms away
Carnicero is 25.05 miles/40.32 kms away
Dolores is 26.71 miles/42.99 kms away
Cañitas is 27.8 miles/44.73 kms away
Pánuco is 31.48 miles/50.67 kms away
Rosales is 32.4 miles/52.15 kms away
Zacatecas is 34.43 miles/55.4 kms away
Saín Alto is 35.85 miles/57.69 kms away
Guadalupe is 38.58 miles/62.09 kms away
Malpaso is 41.79 miles/67.26 kms away
Bañuelos is 44.52 miles/71.65 kms away
Santa Fe is 47.52 miles/76.47 kms away
Guanaceví is 52.49 miles/84.47 kms away
Nieves is 55.15 miles/88.75 kms away
Angeles is 19.23 miles/30.95 kms away
Guadalupe De Trujillo is 23.56 miles/37.92 kms away
Pozo De Gamboa is 25.75 miles/41.44 kms away
Morelos is 27.39 miles/44.08 kms away
Toribio is 29.61 miles/47.65 kms away
Villa De Cos is 32.08 miles/51.62 kms away
Ordóñez is 32.44 miles/52.2 kms away
Río Grande is 35.34 miles/56.87 kms away
Leones is 37.59 miles/60.5 kms away
Jerez De García Salinas is 40.3 miles/64.86 kms away
El Roble is 43.06 miles/69.3 kms away
Trancoso is 45.39 miles/73.04 kms away
Enrique Estrada is 48.74 miles/78.44 kms away
Los Zacatones is 54.09 miles/87.05 kms away
Valparaíso is 55.2 miles/88.83 kms away

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