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Cities Near Shahsavar?

Vali is 5.07 miles/8.15 kms away
Nam Avaran is 6.86 miles/11.04 kms away
Khalaj is 11.84 miles/19.06 kms away
Shamloo is 14.03 miles/22.58 kms away
Nahar is 17.13 miles/27.57 kms away
Ahar is 18.56 miles/29.86 kms away
Anbarabad is 22.21 miles/35.74 kms away
Gaman is 25.17 miles/40.51 kms away
Sangin is 27.14 miles/43.67 kms away
Golshahr is 30.22 miles/48.63 kms away
As is 31.77 miles/51.12 kms away
Bostanabad is 32.12 miles/51.69 kms away
Tabriz Jani is 33.3 miles/53.59 kms away
Tabriz is 34.3 miles/55.2 kms away
Lavasan is 37.43 miles/60.24 kms away
Vali is 5.43 miles/8.75 kms away
Bashir is 8.79 miles/14.14 kms away
Tebaqli is 12.25 miles/19.72 kms away
Khajeh is 16.24 miles/26.13 kms away
Zarrin is 18.09 miles/29.12 kms away
Razin is 19.62 miles/31.57 kms away
Mehraban is 23.6 miles/37.99 kms away
Kondori is 27.13 miles/43.67 kms away
Iman is 27.62 miles/44.46 kms away
Malek is 31.29 miles/50.35 kms away
Tebriz is 31.99 miles/51.48 kms away
Saran is 32.75 miles/52.71 kms away
Hokmabad is 33.44 miles/53.82 kms away
Shisheh is 35.92 miles/57.81 kms away
Savalan is 37.83 miles/60.89 kms away

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