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Cities Near Vieiras?

Sítio Zakicheski is 12.13 miles/19.52 kms away
São João Do Triunfo is 13.38 miles/21.53 kms away
Florestal is 18.19 miles/29.27 kms away
Pugas De Cima is 20.66 miles/33.25 kms away
Porto Amazonas is 25.39 miles/40.86 kms away
São Mateus Do Sul is 26.64 miles/42.88 kms away
Colônia Cachoeira is 29.26 miles/47.09 kms away
Abranches is 33.59 miles/54.06 kms away
Rio Azul is 34.24 miles/55.11 kms away
Guamiranga is 36.46 miles/58.68 kms away
Ipiranga is 37.3 miles/60.03 kms away
Carambeí is 40.64 miles/65.4 kms away
Três Barras is 42.21 miles/67.93 kms away
São Bento is 43.03 miles/69.25 kms away
Malé is 44.67 miles/71.88 kms away
Teixeira Soares is 13.14 miles/21.15 kms away
Entre Rios is 15.33 miles/24.66 kms away
Palmeira is 18.72 miles/30.12 kms away
Irati is 22.32 miles/35.92 kms away
Rebouças is 26.46 miles/42.59 kms away
Imbituva is 26.91 miles/43.3 kms away
Ponta Grossa is 29.49 miles/47.45 kms away
Itaiacoca is 34.11 miles/54.9 kms away
São Luiz Do Purunã is 35.04 miles/56.39 kms away
Palmitalzinho is 37.09 miles/59.7 kms away
Vera Cruz is 38.74 miles/62.35 kms away
Lapa is 40.72 miles/65.53 kms away
Balsa Nova is 42.97 miles/69.16 kms away
Três Córregos is 43.04 miles/69.26 kms away
Prudentópolis is 45.53 miles/73.27 kms away

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