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Distance Between Germany (DE) Cities

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Latest Calculated Distances in Germany

Illerrieden and Stuttgart Airport (STR)
47.8865 miles
Dörverden and Hannover Airport (HAJ)
32.87 miles
Arnschwang and Leipzig Halle Airport (LEJ)
151.76 miles
Süderrade and Hannover Airport (HAJ)
120.784 miles
Birklingen and Nuremberg Airport (NUE)
35.4548 miles
Seibersbach and Cologne Bonn Airport (CGN)
67.0672 miles
Spinnerei and Hermersreuth
8.21 miles
Krummenhagen and Millienhagen
8.4 miles
Ruhland and Leipzig Halle Airport (LEJ)
70.0108 miles
Gehren and Hannover Airport (HAJ)
174.227 miles
Tischardt and Karlsruhe Baden-Baden Airport (FKB)
58.2826 miles
Jörnstorf and Hannover Airport (HAJ)
137.781 miles
Griemshorst and Münster Osnabrück Airport (FMO)
117.935 miles
Dintesheim and Düsseldorf International Airport (DUS)
124.92 miles
Hehlen and Dortmund Airport (DTM)
86.2343 miles
Twielenfleth and Hannover Airport (HAJ)
78.8864 miles
Wahlbach and Düsseldorf International Airport (DUS)
66.4356 miles
Schwarzenburg and Berlin-Schönefeld International Airport (SXF)
43.5424 miles
Zweibrücken and Cologne Bonn Airport (CGN)
112.083 miles
Hennstedt and Mühlenbarbek
6.1 miles
Gottmannsdorf and Stuttgart Airport (STR)
86.6857 miles
Brock-ostbevern and Kirchspiel-wolbeck
10.82 miles
Gelmeroda and Dresden Airport (DRS)
107.914 miles
Oberbieber and Dortmund Airport (DTM)
71.6744 miles
Leonberg and Stuttgart Airport (STR)
12.0546 miles
Bellstedt and Nuremberg Airport (NUE)
122.788 miles
Bacharach and Karlsruhe Baden-Baden Airport (FKB)
90.0504 miles
Tischardt and Frankfurt am Main International Airport (FRA)
106.702 miles
Schönbach and Nuremberg Airport (NUE)
97.7931 miles
Hofstätten and Karlsruhe Baden-Baden Airport (FKB)
36.1364 miles
Hofstätten and Frankfurt am Main International Airport (FRA)
59.592 miles
Bern and Cologne Bonn Airport (CGN)
17.3649 miles
Alzenau and Klein-auheim
6.02 miles
Burhave and Surheide
12.51 miles
Aystetten and Frankfurt am Main International Airport (FRA)
150.645 miles
Neuhimmelreich and Nuremberg Airport (NUE)
88.7272 miles
Rundelshausen and Nuremberg Airport (NUE)
55.3407 miles
Wenningstedt and Hamburg Airport (HAM)
112.459 miles
Miesau and Sangerhof
5.13 miles
Fleisbach and Düsseldorf International Airport (DUS)
80.6168 miles
Großweingarten and Wallesau
7.61 miles
Reiterhof and Bisterschied
5.65 miles
Warmbronn and Eberdingen
8.09 miles
Gefell and Nuremberg Airport (NUE)
56.8251 miles
Mitteldachstetten and Mailheim
7.07 miles
Berlin-hohenschönhausen and Berlin-Schönefeld International Airport (SXF)
11.7833 miles
Kleinwinnaden and Karlsruhe Baden-Baden Airport (FKB)
89.8366 miles
Leesten and Eggolsheim
6.86 miles
Brügge and Husberg
8.08 miles
Heikendorf and Neuwittenbek
7.38 miles

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