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Distance Between Germany (DE) Cities

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Latest Calculated Distances in Germany

Schmalzgrube and Gebirge
7.5 miles
Deuz and Düsseldorf International Airport (DUS)
66.2648 miles
Kleve and Grieth
7.13 miles
Meilenhofen and Unterpindhart
5.32 miles
Niedermülsen and Berlin-Schönefeld International Airport (SXF)
118.205 miles
Schopfloch and Karlsruhe Baden-Baden Airport (FKB)
31.2702 miles
Schleifreisen and Berlin-Schönefeld International Airport (SXF)
126.659 miles
Biberbach and Karlsruhe Baden-Baden Airport (FKB)
159.122 miles
Gimborn and Dortmund Airport (DTM)
32.9604 miles
Endeholz and Spechtshorn
8.53 miles
Herzogenaurach and Munich International Airport (MUC)
92.2373 miles
Leutewitz and Dresden Airport (DRS)
6.781 miles
Holzmarkt and Frankfurt am Main International Airport (FRA)
87.1066 miles
Meilenhofen and Oberneuhausen
9.05 miles
Stadtbergen and Munich International Airport (MUC)
42.9821 miles
Endeholz and Beutzen
10.79 miles
Ergste and Saat
5.52 miles
Molsdorf and Leipzig Halle Airport (LEJ)
66.3594 miles
Freitelsdorf and Dresden Airport (DRS)
9.93859 miles
Berk and Münster Osnabrück Airport (FMO)
131.958 miles
Hübingen and Frankfurt am Main International Airport (FRA)
48.4634 miles
Zankenhausen and Munich International Airport (MUC)
36.1205 miles
Datum and Holm
5.46 miles
Langenpreising and Nuremberg Airport (NUE)
84.1645 miles
Hagsfeld and Nuremberg Airport (NUE)
121.678 miles
Ansbach and Nuremberg Airport (NUE)
25.7149 miles
Loop and Husberg
7.04 miles
Schorkendorf and Frankfurt am Main International Airport (FRA)
106.088 miles
Braubach and Frankfurt am Main International Airport (FRA)
42.6638 miles
Hirschau and Vilseck
8.04 miles
Vorderheubronn and Munich International Airport (MUC)
187.916 miles
Kleinschönach and Karlsruhe Baden-Baden Airport (FKB)
82.3453 miles
Windelsbach and Munich International Airport (MUC)
98.913 miles
Raunheim and Frankfurt am Main International Airport (FRA)
4.18805 miles
Simonskall and Münster Osnabrück Airport (FMO)
116.596 miles
Harenberg and Dortmund Airport (DTM)
104.771 miles
Lauchröden and Dönges
6.91 miles
Rolfsbüttel and Bremen Airport (BRE)
81.5671 miles
Bartenbach and Munich International Airport (MUC)
100.145 miles
Traubing and Munich International Airport (MUC)
36.7628 miles
Elsterberg and Nuremberg Airport (NUE)
90.3867 miles
Gottmannsdorf and Stuttgart Airport (STR)
86.6857 miles
Medingen and Berlin-Tegel International Airport (TXL)
97.4165 miles
Oberhermsgrün and Munich International Airport (MUC)
141.259 miles
Frankenberg and Frankfurt am Main International Airport (FRA)
72.7535 miles
Braak and Grande
5.93 miles
Hößlinswart and Frankfurt am Main International Airport (FRA)
92.2869 miles
Neuhaus and Nuremberg Airport (NUE)
146.473 miles
Bekum and Telgte
6.74 miles
Weitzschen and Berlin-Schönefeld International Airport (SXF)
88.5176 miles

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