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Distance Between Japan (JP) Cities

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Latest Calculated Distances in Japan

Tokyo and Okinawa
957.99 miles
Tokyo and Kobe
268 miles
Futami and Mt. Fuji Shizuoka Airport (RJNS)
187.716 miles
Harakawa and Hamamoto
10.96 miles
Higashi and Fukushima
20.92 miles
Sugawa and Kuchinotsu
6.77 miles
Kuriyama and Kotsunagi
15.39 miles
Iwakawa and Miyakonojo
12.53 miles
Hirakawa and Tateishi
25.13 miles
Maebaru and Sobe
7.74 miles
Tsukazan and Isa
7.69 miles
Nomi and Tokyo International Airport (HND)
194.237 miles
Iizuka and Amagi
15.09 miles
Onaga and Izu
8.27 miles
Awa and Kamii
39.87 miles
Urasoe and Chan
5.14 miles
Tuyama and Mikamo
22.73 miles
Kashiwa and Akao
32.64 miles
Sakai and Narita International Airport (NRT)
40.1415 miles
Tsuchiya and Harako
21.62 miles
Wakuya and Isinomaki
12.1 miles
Kyogoku and Ishiyama
23.85 miles
Sembon and Bessho
17.72 miles
Higashijima and Koda
15.25 miles
Oguri and Ikasaki
20.7 miles
Tsuchiya and Osame
26.63 miles
Tochimoto and Yamada
12.01 miles
Ikenoshiri and Iida
15.28 miles
Torisu and Karatu
8.97 miles
Konuma and Yabuhara
25.06 miles
Ichinomiya and Iwato
9.43 miles
Sendai and Kawaguchi
20.35 miles
Azumi and Hirasawa
12.22 miles
Kojiya and Narita International Airport (NRT)
39.5449 miles
Isahaya and Kagoshima Airport (KOJ)
81.8397 miles
Hoshika and Kodomo
9.65 miles
Amagasaki-city and Mt. Fuji Shizuoka Airport (RJNS)
157.366 miles
Hirashima and Nama
9.97 miles
Koriyama and Nakano
19.39 miles
Arimura and Mobiki
11.78 miles
Kogane and Gyotoku
9.86 miles
Nishiki and Oyodo
27.08 miles
Muraimachi and Aoki
16.63 miles
Makkari and Ogishi
14.83 miles
Mikawamachi and Eta
9.95 miles
Yomogita and Odate
22.25 miles
Takasai and Sakai
13.41 miles
Gyotoku and Tatsumi
6.17 miles
Kasugai and Komaki
5.08 miles
Utazu and Kanonji
15.86 miles

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