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Airports Near Frinnestad

Airports Near Frinnestad, Sweden

Trollhättan-Vänersborg Airport
Trollhättan (THN) 50.8 km/31.6 miles
Lidköping-Hovby Airport
Lidköping (LDK) 53.2 km/33 miles
Gothenburg-Landvetter Airport
Gothenburg (GOT) 55.3 km/34.4 miles
Gothenburg City Airport
Gothenburg (GSE) 69.5 km/43.2 miles
Jönköping Airport
Jönköping (JKG) 70.5 km/43.8 miles
Skövde Airport
Skövde (KVB) 77.8 km/48.3 miles
Halmstad Airport
Halmstad (HAD) 145.8 km/90.6 miles
Växjö Kronoberg Airport
Växjö (VXO) 159 km/98.8 miles
Karlstad Airport
Karlstad (KSD) 162.1 km/100.7 miles
Linköping SAAB Airport
Linköping (LPI) 165.3 km/102.7 miles
Karlskoga Airport
(KSK) 173.8 km/108 miles
Hultsfred Airport
(HLF) 177.4 km/110.3 miles
Örebro Airport
Örebro (ORB) 181.4 km/112.7 miles
Ängelholm-Helsingborg Airport
Ängelholm (AGH) 189.6 km/117.8 miles
Norrköping Airport
Norrköping (NRK) 202.7 km/125.9 miles
Ljungbyhed Airport
Ljungbyhed (ESTL) 213.7 km/132.8 miles
Oskarshamn Airport
(OSK) 222 km/138 miles
Hagfors Airport
(HFS) 227.4 km/141.3 miles
Ronneby Airport
(RNB) 237.4 km/147.5 miles
Torsby Airport
(TYF) 239.9 km/149.1 miles
Kristianstad Airport
Kristianstad (KID) 240.9 km/149.7 miles
Stockholm Skavsta Airport
Stockholm / Nyköping (NYO) 246 km/152.9 miles
Kalmar Airport
(KLR) 247.1 km/153.5 miles
Eskilstuna Airport
Eskilstuna (EKT) 263.3 km/163.6 miles
Malmö Sturup Airport
Malmö (MMX) 275.1 km/170.9 miles
Stockholm Västerås Airport
Stockholm / Västerås (VST) 275.4 km/171.1 miles
Borlange Airport
(BLE) 305.9 km/190.1 miles
Visby Airport
Visby (VBY) 320.6 km/199.2 miles
Stockholm-Bromma Airport
Stockholm (BMA) 324.5 km/201.7 miles
Stockholm-Arlanda Airport
Stockholm (ARN) 339 km/210.6 miles

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