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Airports Near Gostavatu

Airports Near Gostavatu, Romania

Craiova Airport
Craiova (CRA) 57.6 km/35.8 miles
Băneasa International Airport
Bucharest (BBU) 133.3 km/82.8 miles
Henri Coandă International Airport
Bucharest (OTP) 136.1 km/84.6 miles
Sibiu International Airport
Sibiu (SBZ) 192.5 km/119.6 miles
Caransebeş Airport
Caransebeş (CSB) 233.5 km/145.1 miles
Transilvania Târgu Mureş International Airport
Târgu Mureş (TGM) 265.3 km/164.9 miles
Cluj-Napoca International Airport
Cluj-Napoca (CLJ) 307.6 km/191.2 miles
Timişoara Traian Vuia Airport
Timişoara (TSR) 316.4 km/196.6 miles
Mihail Kogălniceanu International Airport
Constanţa (CND) 316.7 km/196.8 miles
Bacău Airport
Bacău (BCM) 328.8 km/204.3 miles
Arad International Airport
Arad (ARW) 346.4 km/215.3 miles
Tulcea Airport
Tulcea (TCE) 348.6 km/216.6 miles
Oradea International Airport
Oradea (OMR) 385.9 km/239.8 miles
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