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Airports Near Káto Patísia

Airports Near Káto Patísia, Greece

Elefsis Airport
Elefsina (LGEL) 16.4 km/10.2 miles
Eleftherios Venizelos International Airport
Athens (ATH) 20.6 km/12.8 miles
Tanagra Airport
Tanagra (LGTG) 38.8 km/24.1 miles
Skiros Airport
Skiros Island (SKU) 124.4 km/77.3 miles
Syros Airport
Syros Island (JSY) 125.8 km/78.2 miles
Skiathos Island National Airport
Skiathos (JSI) 130.6 km/81.1 miles
Mikonos Airport
Mykonos Island (JMK) 156.1 km/97 miles
Nea Anchialos Airport
Nea Anchialos (VOL) 156.7 km/97.4 miles
Kalamata Airport
Kalamata (KLX) 183.8 km/114.2 miles
Araxos Airport
Patras (GPA) 202.5 km/125.8 miles
Kithira Airport
Kithira Island (KIT) 203.9 km/126.7 miles
Chios Island National Airport
Chios Island (JKH) 213.5 km/132.7 miles
Andravida Airport
Andravida (PYR) 214.2 km/133.1 miles
Larisa Airport
Larisa (LRA) 218.6 km/135.9 miles
Ikaria Airport
Ikaria Island (JIK) 232.5 km/144.5 miles
Santorini Airport
Santorini Island (JTR) 237.2 km/147.4 miles
Limnos Airport
Limnos Island (LXS) 248.1 km/154.1 miles
Dionysios Solomos Airport
Zakynthos Island (ZTH) 251.8 km/156.4 miles
Mytilene International Airport
Mytilene (MJT) 274.7 km/170.7 miles
Aktion National Airport
Preveza/Lefkada (PVK) 277.4 km/172.4 miles
Chania International Airport
Souda (CHQ) 278.8 km/173.2 miles
Samos Airport
Samos Island (SMI) 281.4 km/174.9 miles
Astypalaia Airport
Astypalaia Island (JTY) 283.1 km/175.9 miles
Kefallinia Airport
Kefallinia Island (EFL) 283.2 km/176 miles
Thessaloniki Macedonia International Airport
Thessaloniki (SKG) 286 km/177.7 miles
Filippos Airport
Kozani (KZI) 300.5 km/186.7 miles
Ioannina Airport
Ioannina (IOA) 313.7 km/194.9 miles
Heraklion International Nikos Kazantzakis Airport
Heraklion (HER) 324.4 km/201.6 miles
Kos Airport
Kos Island (KGS) 326.3 km/202.8 miles
Alexander the Great International Airport
Kavala (KVA) 331 km/205.6 miles

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