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Distance Between Belgium (BE) Cities

You can search the distance between Belgium (BE) cities and airports using the form above. Please type first letters of the city and state or airport. Later wait for city suggestions. It will be easier for you to pick the right cities and find the right mileage between cities.

Latest Calculated Distances in Belgium

Gestel and Berbroek
5.76 miles
America and Beitem
6.45 miles
Froidmont and Calonne
5.24 miles
Antwerp and Rustoord
6.12 miles
Oostduinkerke-bad and Stalijzer
10.43 miles
Autelbas and Grendel
8.6 miles
Wilderen and Montenaken
6.95 miles
Ooike and Zulzeke
5.81 miles
Sint-jozef-olen and Steenbergen
8.16 miles
Beervelde and Wippelgem
7.37 miles
Wandre and Villers-saint-siméon
6.17 miles
Elverdinge and Hollebeke
7.68 miles
Vergne and Merlin
5.59 miles
Retinne and Visé
6.91 miles
Sint-amands and Ramsdonk
6.23 miles
Pulle and Brussels Airport (BRU)
22.6551 miles
Florivaux and Bruyères
6.18 miles
Lilo and Zwartberg
7.6 miles
Lissewege and Damme
5.53 miles
Strijpen and Hemelveerdegem
5.45 miles
Paal and Bolderberg
5.55 miles
Villers-le-gambon and Vodelée
5.65 miles
Sluizen and Broux
5.02 miles
Meux and Rhion
5.12 miles
Mollem and Ganshoren
5.44 miles
Wechelderzande and Liège Airport (LGG)
52.5103 miles
Ellikom and Voorshoven
6.6 miles
Dentergem and Wannegem-lede
8.18 miles
Toutvent and Liège Airport (LGG)
67.4005 miles
Petit-enghien and Oisquercq
5.95 miles
Meir and Blaasveld
5.2 miles
Havelange and Liège Airport (LGG)
19.8312 miles
Mielen-boven-aalst and Duras
6.45 miles
Luingne and Sint-denijs
5.95 miles
Herstal and Brussels Airport (BRU)
52.7384 miles
Ghoy and Liège Airport (LGG)
72.1498 miles
Oostende and Driehoven
5.6 miles
Geel and Kasterlee
6.15 miles
Lint and Berlaar
6.6 miles
Vissenaken and Ezemaal
5.02 miles
Schilde and Westmalle
6.83 miles
Thimougies and Berceau
5.24 miles
Nobressart and Anlier
5.02 miles
Érezée and Harre
5.6 miles
Parette and Habay-la-neuve
6.25 miles
Spontin and Gesves
6.46 miles
Felenne and Louette-saint-pierre
7.84 miles
Ongelberg and Tervant
6.91 miles
Peissant and Trahegnies
6.38 miles
Wannegem-lede and Nukerke
5.94 miles

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