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Cities Near Aarberg?

Säriswil is 5.04 miles/8.11 kms away
Schüpfen is 5.22 miles/8.4 kms away
Nidau is 5.38 miles/8.66 kms away
Illiswil is 6.02 miles/9.7 kms away
Brüttelen is 6.12 miles/9.84 kms away
Wohlen is 6.36 miles/10.23 kms away
Twann is 6.53 miles/10.5 kms away
Uettligen is 6.54 miles/10.53 kms away
Orpond is 6.78 miles/10.91 kms away
Frauenkappelen is 6.97 miles/11.21 kms away
Ferenbalm is 7.13 miles/11.47 kms away
Hinterkappelen is 7.25 miles/11.66 kms away
Schnottwil is 7.35 miles/11.82 kms away
Kirchlindach is 7.42 miles/11.95 kms away
Riedbach is 7.51 miles/12.09 kms away
Brügg is 5.06 miles/8.14 kms away
Wileroltigen is 5.33 miles/8.58 kms away
Kerzers is 5.9 miles/9.5 kms away
Diessbach is 6.05 miles/9.73 kms away
Nidau is 6.13 miles/9.86 kms away
Rapperswil is 6.44 miles/10.36 kms away
Wengi is 6.53 miles/10.51 kms away
Mühleberg is 6.58 miles/10.58 kms away
Bienne is 6.81 miles/10.95 kms away
Ligers is 7.02 miles/11.3 kms away
Magglingen is 7.22 miles/11.62 kms away
Münstschemier is 7.27 miles/11.7 kms away
Jerisberghof is 7.35 miles/11.83 kms away
Evilard is 7.51 miles/12.09 kms away
Büren An Der Aare is 7.58 miles/12.2 kms away

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