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Cities Near Acropolis Of Athens?

Argyroupolis is 5.09 miles/8.19 kms away
Piraeus is 5.3 miles/8.52 kms away
Néon Iráklion is 5.86 miles/9.44 kms away
Petroúpolis is 5.92 miles/9.53 kms away
Soúrmena is 6.22 miles/10 kms away
Kamaterón is 6.75 miles/10.86 kms away
Paianía is 6.89 miles/11.09 kms away
Likóvrisi is 7.28 miles/11.72 kms away
Kántza is 7.69 miles/12.37 kms away
Áno Liósia is 7.87 miles/12.67 kms away
Skaramangá is 8.04 miles/12.94 kms away
Voúla is 8.66 miles/13.94 kms away
Pérama is 8.79 miles/14.15 kms away
Filí is 9.47 miles/15.24 kms away
Néa Erithraía is 10.16 miles/16.35 kms away
Filothéi is 5.29 miles/8.51 kms away
Keratsínion is 5.84 miles/9.41 kms away
Khalándrion is 5.87 miles/9.44 kms away
Ellinikón is 6.09 miles/9.8 kms away
Ayía Paraskeví is 6.61 miles/10.64 kms away
Amaroúsion is 6.75 miles/10.87 kms away
Iráklion is 6.95 miles/11.18 kms away
Glifádha is 7.34 miles/11.81 kms away
Acharne is 7.75 miles/12.47 kms away
Melíssia is 7.96 miles/12.82 kms away
Kifissia is 8.22 miles/13.23 kms away
Pallíni is 8.77 miles/14.12 kms away
Pendéli is 9.38 miles/15.09 kms away
Koropíon is 9.87 miles/15.88 kms away
Asprópirgos is 10.2 miles/16.42 kms away

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