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Cities Near Aldeanueva De Figueroa?

Fuentesaúco is 5.65 miles/9.09 kms away
Topas is 6.13 miles/9.86 kms away
Espino De La Orbada is 6.25 miles/10.05 kms away
Pitiegua is 6.61 miles/10.64 kms away
Cañizal is 7.89 miles/12.69 kms away
Valdunciel is 9.24 miles/14.88 kms away
Arabayona is 9.86 miles/15.86 kms away
San Cristóbal De La Cuesta is 9.87 miles/15.88 kms away
Aldearrubia is 10.4 miles/16.74 kms away
El Maderal is 10.65 miles/17.15 kms away
San Morales is 10.83 miles/17.43 kms away
Cantalpino is 11.77 miles/18.94 kms away
Villares De La Reina is 11.97 miles/19.26 kms away
La Flecha is 12.09 miles/19.45 kms away
Forfoleda is 12.63 miles/20.32 kms away
Villanueva De Los Pavones is 5.77 miles/9.29 kms away
Pedrosillo El Ralo is 6.22 miles/10.01 kms away
La Vellés is 6.32 miles/10.17 kms away
Carbajosa De Armuña is 7.76 miles/12.49 kms away
La Mata De Armuña is 8.79 miles/14.14 kms away
Castellanos De Moriscos is 9.82 miles/15.81 kms away
Fuentelapeña is 9.86 miles/15.87 kms away
Moriscos is 10.37 miles/16.69 kms away
Calzada De Valdunciel is 10.6 miles/17.06 kms away
Monterrubio De Armuña is 10.8 miles/17.39 kms away
Castellanos De Villiquera is 11.51 miles/18.52 kms away
Aldealengua is 11.81 miles/19 kms away
Aldeaseca De Armuña is 12.08 miles/19.44 kms away
Villoruela is 12.48 miles/20.08 kms away
Vadillo De La Guareña is 12.65 miles/20.35 kms away

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