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Cities Near Bangladesh?

Narsingal is 8.42 miles/13.55 kms away
Narayanganj is 9.02 miles/14.52 kms away
Tungi is 11.54 miles/18.57 kms away
Savar is 13.03 miles/20.97 kms away
Dhamrai is 15.81 miles/25.45 kms away
Baipail is 17.23 miles/27.73 kms away
Dakshin Haldia is 19.01 miles/30.59 kms away
Dhaidia is 19.46 miles/31.31 kms away
Narsingdi is 23.84 miles/38.37 kms away
Fulbaria is 27.13 miles/43.67 kms away
Molla is 32.55 miles/52.38 kms away
Naogaon is 33.84 miles/54.46 kms away
Palang is 35.18 miles/56.62 kms away
Chadpur is 37.81 miles/60.86 kms away
Chandina is 40.71 miles/65.52 kms away
Basutia is 9 miles/14.48 kms away
Bhuria is 9.67 miles/15.56 kms away
Bagbari is 12.13 miles/19.52 kms away
Sonargaon is 14.08 miles/22.66 kms away
Gazipur is 16.14 miles/25.98 kms away
Joydebpur is 18.77 miles/30.21 kms away
Dohar is 19.02 miles/30.61 kms away
Bil Bautia is 23.62 miles/38.01 kms away
Manikganj is 26.68 miles/42.94 kms away
Mirpur is 30.61 miles/49.26 kms away
Mirzapur is 32.55 miles/52.39 kms away
Khilgaon is 34.04 miles/54.79 kms away
Faridpur is 37.41 miles/60.21 kms away
Madaripur is 39.95 miles/64.29 kms away
Gopalganj is 41.73 miles/67.16 kms away

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