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Cities Near Beijing?

Jiuxianqiao is 5.75 miles/9.25 kms away
Gaobeidian is 7 miles/11.26 kms away
Chedaogou is 7.21 miles/11.61 kms away
Wangjing is 7.48 miles/12.04 kms away
Fengtai is 8.33 miles/13.4 kms away
Tongxian is 9.87 miles/15.88 kms away
Lugouqiao is 10.99 miles/17.69 kms away
Majuqiao is 12.04 miles/19.38 kms away
Taihu is 12.45 miles/20.04 kms away
Changxindian is 12.83 miles/20.64 kms away
Taihezhuang is 13.16 miles/21.18 kms away
Houshayu is 15.42 miles/24.81 kms away
Zhangjiawan is 16.38 miles/26.36 kms away
Changyang is 16.86 miles/27.14 kms away
Liangxiang is 18.57 miles/29.89 kms away
Nanyuan is 6.99 miles/11.25 kms away
Wulu is 7.17 miles/11.54 kms away
Landianchang is 7.26 miles/11.69 kms away
Haidian is 8.15 miles/13.12 kms away
Xihongmen is 9.05 miles/14.57 kms away
Dongxiaokou is 10.7 miles/17.22 kms away
Sunhe is 11.19 miles/18.01 kms away
Shijingshan is 12.32 miles/19.83 kms away
Huilongguan is 12.58 miles/20.25 kms away
Huangcun is 13.12 miles/21.12 kms away
Moshikou is 13.99 miles/22.51 kms away
Zhangxin is 15.74 miles/25.33 kms away
Songzhuang is 16.66 miles/26.82 kms away
Mentougou is 17.23 miles/27.72 kms away
Tangshan is 19.02 miles/30.61 kms away

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