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Cities Near Beirut?

An Naqqash is 5.22 miles/8.4 kms away
Bsalim is 5.51 miles/8.87 kms away
Aïn Aanoub is 6.27 miles/10.1 kms away
Alley is 6.83 miles/11 kms away
Haql Hasan is 7.08 miles/11.4 kms away
Aramoun is 7.29 miles/11.73 kms away
Aïnâb is 7.63 miles/12.28 kms away
Baïssoûr is 7.97 miles/12.83 kms away
Aïn Aâr is 8.6 miles/13.85 kms away
Adonîs is 8.96 miles/14.42 kms away
Zuq Mikha'il is 9.19 miles/14.79 kms away
Bhamdoûn is 9.59 miles/15.44 kms away
Jaaita is 9.67 miles/15.56 kms away
Jounieh is 9.75 miles/15.69 kms away
Ru'aysat An Nu`man is 9.89 miles/15.91 kms away
Anntelias is 5.31 miles/8.55 kms away
Bsoûs is 5.68 miles/9.15 kms away
Nabay is 6.42 miles/10.33 kms away
Dbaïyé is 6.84 miles/11 kms away
Brumana is 7.13 miles/11.47 kms away
Dîk El Mehdi is 7.44 miles/11.98 kms away
Midan Az Zir is 7.69 miles/12.37 kms away
`ain Drafeel is 8.45 miles/13.6 kms away
Antoura is 8.89 miles/14.31 kms away
Al Fraykah is 9.08 miles/14.61 kms away
Baabdâte is 9.41 miles/15.15 kms away
Baaouarta is 9.6 miles/15.45 kms away
Joünié is 9.73 miles/15.66 kms away
Sarba is 9.83 miles/15.81 kms away
Beït Chabâb is 9.93 miles/15.99 kms away

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