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Cities Near Brédannaz?

Alex is 5.39 miles/8.67 kms away
Quintal is 6.19 miles/9.97 kms away
Le Cropt is 6.52 miles/10.49 kms away
Bellecombe-en Bauges is 6.63 miles/10.67 kms away
Vieugy is 6.71 miles/10.79 kms away
Mala is 7.09 miles/11.41 kms away
Thônes is 7.31 miles/11.76 kms away
Thuy is 7.38 miles/11.88 kms away
Allèves is 7.47 miles/12.02 kms away
Marlens is 7.55 miles/12.14 kms away
Seynod is 7.61 miles/12.25 kms away
Cran-gévrier is 8.09 miles/13.02 kms away
Doucy-en-bauges is 8.33 miles/13.41 kms away
Nâves-parmelan is 8.4 miles/13.52 kms away
Montagny-les-lanches is 8.53 miles/13.72 kms away
Charlet is 6.14 miles/9.88 kms away
Serraval is 6.37 miles/10.26 kms away
Dingy-saint-clair is 6.57 miles/10.57 kms away
Les Clefs is 6.64 miles/10.68 kms away
Viuz-la-chiésaz is 7.04 miles/11.34 kms away
Cons-sainte-colombe is 7.21 miles/11.61 kms away
Balmont is 7.36 miles/11.84 kms away
Seythenex is 7.43 miles/11.95 kms away
Annecy is 7.5 miles/12.07 kms away
Gruffy is 7.61 miles/12.24 kms away
Annecy-le-vieux is 7.95 miles/12.8 kms away
Mûres is 8.18 miles/13.17 kms away
Manigod is 8.37 miles/13.48 kms away
Chapeiry is 8.52 miles/13.71 kms away
Corbier is 8.54 miles/13.75 kms away

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