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Cities Near Btaaboura?

Barghun is 5.27 miles/8.48 kms away
Fih is 5.37 miles/8.64 kms away
Badbhoûn is 6.51 miles/10.48 kms away
Dahr El Aïn is 6.8 miles/10.94 kms away
Hakel is 7.47 miles/12.02 kms away
Barsa is 8.56 miles/13.78 kms away
Fadar Al Fawqa is 10.37 miles/16.69 kms away
Amchit is 10.71 miles/17.23 kms away
Ra's Qusta is 11.2 miles/18.02 kms away
Zgharta is 11.46 miles/18.44 kms away
Tripoli is 12.06 miles/19.41 kms away
Biâder Rachaaïne is 12.1 miles/19.47 kms away
Jbail is 12.63 miles/20.32 kms away
Al Akoura is 13.46 miles/21.66 kms away
Becharri is 14.25 miles/22.94 kms away
Koûsba is 5.34 miles/8.59 kms away
Enfeh is 5.47 miles/8.8 kms away
Batroûn is 6.6 miles/10.62 kms away
Ber'halioûn is 6.96 miles/11.21 kms away
Aabeïdât is 7.87 miles/12.67 kms away
Hasrat is 8.69 miles/13.98 kms away
Miziâra is 10.44 miles/16.79 kms away
Hboûb is 11.16 miles/17.96 kms away
Beaachta is 11.3 miles/18.19 kms away
Al Bahra is 11.97 miles/19.27 kms away
Ad Dabbaghah is 12.08 miles/19.44 kms away
Blat is 12.17 miles/19.59 kms away
Bi'r Al Hayt is 13.45 miles/21.65 kms away
Fidâr is 13.64 miles/21.95 kms away
Chouène is 14.35 miles/23.1 kms away

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