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Cities Near Cakovci?

Slakovci is 5.33 miles/8.58 kms away
Opatovac is 5.71 miles/9.2 kms away
Petrovci is 6.65 miles/10.69 kms away
Nijemci is 6.71 miles/10.8 kms away
Donje Novo Selo is 7.59 miles/12.22 kms away
Komletinci is 8 miles/12.88 kms away
Bogdanovci is 9.54 miles/15.35 kms away
Otok is 10.51 miles/16.92 kms away
Boró is 10.67 miles/17.17 kms away
Privlaka is 11.14 miles/17.92 kms away
Brsadin is 11.32 miles/18.21 kms away
Vinkovci is 12.86 miles/20.7 kms away
Trpinja is 14.83 miles/23.87 kms away
Spacva is 15.16 miles/24.39 kms away
Ilok is 15.52 miles/24.98 kms away
Lovas is 5.52 miles/8.88 kms away
Pustara Laze is 5.77 miles/9.29 kms away
Tovarnik is 6.69 miles/10.77 kms away
Alt-jankowitz is 7.24 miles/11.65 kms away
Vukovar is 7.94 miles/12.78 kms away
Vodica is 9.43 miles/15.18 kms away
Mirkovci is 10.36 miles/16.67 kms away
Marinci is 10.56 miles/16.99 kms away
Henrikovci is 10.78 miles/17.35 kms away
Ceric is 11.14 miles/17.92 kms away
Nustar is 12.48 miles/20.09 kms away
Pacetin is 13.92 miles/22.4 kms away
Ostrovo is 14.93 miles/24.03 kms away
Rokovci is 15.32 miles/24.65 kms away
Andriaschevce is 15.62 miles/25.13 kms away

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