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Cities Near Caño?

San Román is 5.16 miles/8.31 kms away
Sevares is 6.71 miles/10.8 kms away
Alea is 7.13 miles/11.48 kms away
Onís is 8.55 miles/13.75 kms away
Caravia is 8.85 miles/14.24 kms away
Melarde is 9.15 miles/14.72 kms away
Berbes is 9.43 miles/15.18 kms away
Ribadesella is 10.01 miles/16.11 kms away
La Isla is 11.45 miles/18.43 kms away
Fano is 11.5 miles/18.5 kms away
El Monte is 11.76 miles/18.92 kms away
Ortiguera is 11.94 miles/19.21 kms away
Soto is 12.46 miles/20.05 kms away
Vibaño is 12.82 miles/20.64 kms away
Puertas is 12.99 miles/20.9 kms away
Villar De Huergo is 5.79 miles/9.31 kms away
La Piñera is 7.11 miles/11.44 kms away
Sardedo is 7.17 miles/11.55 kms away
Miyares is 8.58 miles/13.81 kms away
Beleño is 9.14 miles/14.71 kms away
Viego is 9.21 miles/14.82 kms away
Tanda is 9.56 miles/15.39 kms away
San Juan is 10.72 miles/17.26 kms away
Infiesto is 11.48 miles/18.48 kms away
Infiesta is 11.64 miles/18.73 kms away
Llamés is 11.88 miles/19.11 kms away
Nueva is 12.44 miles/20.02 kms away
Colunga is 12.61 miles/20.29 kms away
Nieves is 12.92 miles/20.8 kms away
Orio is 13.13 miles/21.14 kms away

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