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Cities Near Cappadocia?

Nevsehir is 8.01 miles/12.9 kms away
Ayhan is 14.32 miles/23.05 kms away
Alkan is 14.77 miles/23.76 kms away
Kas is 18.85 miles/30.34 kms away
Kizilkaya is 23.63 miles/38.02 kms away
Hacibektas is 25.41 miles/40.89 kms away
Alayköy is 29.09 miles/46.81 kms away
Baglama is 29.6 miles/47.64 kms away
Avci is 31.85 miles/51.25 kms away
Kayseri is 34.39 miles/55.34 kms away
Vatan is 35.68 miles/57.43 kms away
Çetin is 36.31 miles/58.44 kms away
Mucur is 37.78 miles/60.8 kms away
Konaklar is 38.74 miles/62.35 kms away
Kocasinan is 39.49 miles/63.55 kms away
Cemil is 10.78 miles/17.35 kms away
Kaymakli is 14.66 miles/23.59 kms away
Üçkuyu is 15.03 miles/24.19 kms away
Akarca is 21.08 miles/33.93 kms away
Yesilhisar is 24.64 miles/39.66 kms away
Sahinler is 28.94 miles/46.58 kms away
Abdi is 29.23 miles/47.03 kms away
Göçmen is 31.8 miles/51.17 kms away
Misli is 33.87 miles/54.51 kms away
Yamali is 35.08 miles/56.46 kms away
Murtaza is 35.93 miles/57.82 kms away
Aslama is 36.85 miles/59.3 kms away
Talas is 38.09 miles/61.3 kms away
Develi is 39.05 miles/62.84 kms away
Erciyes is 39.54 miles/63.63 kms away

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