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Cities Near Cholerzyn?

Bodzów is 5 miles/8.05 kms away
Rudawa is 5.11 miles/8.22 kms away
Frywald is 5.17 miles/8.32 kms away
Rybna is 5.3 miles/8.54 kms away
Sanka is 5.37 miles/8.65 kms away
Modlniczka is 5.62 miles/9.04 kms away
Bolechowice is 5.74 miles/9.24 kms away
Lobzow is 5.91 miles/9.51 kms away
Wolowice is 5.95 miles/9.58 kms away
Modlnica is 6.04 miles/9.72 kms away
Przeginia Duchowna is 6.23 miles/10.02 kms away
Modlnica is 6.39 miles/10.28 kms away
Czernichów is 6.55 miles/10.54 kms away
Skawina is 6.72 miles/10.81 kms away
Krakow is 6.76 miles/10.88 kms away
Jeziorzany is 5.02 miles/8.09 kms away
Wola Justowska is 5.17 miles/8.32 kms away
Sanka is 5.18 miles/8.33 kms away
Modliczka is 5.34 miles/8.6 kms away
Rybna is 5.48 miles/8.82 kms away
Wolowice is 5.73 miles/9.22 kms away
Tomaszowice is 5.9 miles/9.5 kms away
Bolechowice is 5.94 miles/9.56 kms away
Tomaszowice is 6.02 miles/9.68 kms away
Gacki is 6.17 miles/9.93 kms away
Lobzow is 6.38 miles/10.27 kms away
Skawina is 6.48 miles/10.42 kms away
Zelków is 6.62 miles/10.65 kms away
Cracovia is 6.75 miles/10.86 kms away
Szyce is 6.82 miles/10.97 kms away

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