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Cities Near Devens?

Groton is 5.42 miles/8.72 kms away
Lunenburg is 6.09 miles/9.8 kms away
Littleton is 6.67 miles/10.73 kms away
Leominster is 7.73 miles/12.44 kms away
Pepperell is 8.49 miles/13.66 kms away
Westford is 9.41 miles/15.15 kms away
Village Of Nagog Woods is 9.73 miles/15.66 kms away
Clinton is 9.77 miles/15.72 kms away
Dunstable is 10.68 miles/17.18 kms away
Sterling is 10.91 miles/17.56 kms away
Hudson is 11.32 miles/18.21 kms away
Tyngsboro is 11.68 miles/18.79 kms away
North Chelmsford is 13.08 miles/21.05 kms away
Chelmsford is 13.89 miles/22.36 kms away
Boylston is 14.09 miles/22.67 kms away
Lancaster is 5.56 miles/8.94 kms away
Boxborough is 6.19 miles/9.96 kms away
Bolton is 7.31 miles/11.77 kms away
South Lancaster is 7.74 miles/12.46 kms away
Townsend is 9.08 miles/14.61 kms away
Stow is 9.59 miles/15.44 kms away
Acton is 9.75 mil
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