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Cities Near Fox Valley?

Golden Prairie is 18.26 miles/29.38 kms away
Burstall is 22.88 miles/36.82 kms away
Schuler is 27.99 miles/45.04 kms away
Lemsford is 30.96 miles/49.82 kms away
Piapot is 37.11 miles/59.73 kms away
Tompkins is 40.91 miles/65.84 kms away
Walsh is 43.2 miles/69.52 kms away
Roseray is 45.46 miles/73.15 kms away
Cavendish is 49.44 miles/79.56 kms away
Gull Lake is 50.91 miles/81.93 kms away
Glidden is 54.73 miles/88.09 kms away
Acadia Valley is 56.65 miles/91.17 kms away
Buffalo is 57.41 miles/92.4 kms away
Dunmore is 59.66 miles/96.01 kms away
Medicine Hat is 60.89 miles/98 kms away
Mendham is 22.24 miles/35.8 kms away
Hilda is 23.51 miles/37.84 kms away
Leader is 28.94 miles/46.57 kms away
Abbey is 37.05 miles/59.63 kms away
Maple Creek is 38.01 miles/61.17 kms away
Empress is 41.71 miles/67.12 kms away
Bindloss is 44.8 miles/72.1 kms away
Cabri is 46.53 miles/74.88 kms away
Irvine is 49.77 miles/80.09 kms away
Laporte is 51.83 miles/83.41 kms away
Madison is 55.67 miles/89.59 kms away
Eston is 57.04 miles/91.8 kms away
Tyner is 59.6 miles/95.92 kms away
Webb is 59.89 miles/96.38 kms away
Success is 61.6 miles/99.13 kms away

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