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Cities Near Gorbatovka?

Babino is 5.17 miles/8.32 kms away
Gnilitskiye Dvoriki is 7.31 miles/11.77 kms away
Burevestnik is 7.99 miles/12.86 kms away
Nishnij Nowgorod is 11.13 miles/17.91 kms away
Khabarovskaya is 12.76 miles/20.53 kms away
Lukino is 13.51 miles/21.75 kms away
Bor is 14.41 miles/23.19 kms away
Laksha is 15.9 miles/25.6 kms away
Gidrotorf is 16.92 miles/27.24 kms away
Novaya Balakhna is 17.01 miles/27.37 kms away
Reshetikha is 17.57 miles/28.27 kms away
Minino is 19.49 miles/31.36 kms away
Sannikovo is 20.92 miles/33.67 kms away
Ostankino is 25.84 miles/41.58 kms away
Novosmolinskiy is 26.73 miles/43.02 kms away
Okhotino is 6.95 miles/11.19 kms away
Kusakovka is 7.76 miles/12.49 kms away
Nizhniy Novgorod is 11.07 miles/17.82 kms away
Dzerzhinsk is 11.2 miles/18.03 kms away
Afonino is 13.41 miles/21.57 kms away
Bogorodsk is 13.81 miles/22.22 kms away
Pyra is 15.23 miles/24.51 kms away
Yuzhnyy is 16.63 miles/26.77 kms away
Volzhskiy is 16.96 miles/27.29 kms away
Balakhna is 17.17 miles/27.63 kms away
Kstovo is 18.96 miles/30.52 kms away
Kantaurovo is 19.62 miles/31.58 kms away
Volodarsk is 21.5 miles/34.61 kms away
Vorsma is 25.92 miles/41.71 kms away
Bolshaya Pokrovskaya is 27.22 miles/43.8 kms away

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