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Cities Near Hoshika?

Imamura is 5.18 miles/8.34 kms away
Nomoto is 7.38 miles/11.88 kms away
Eguchi is 7.89 miles/12.7 kms away
Kuroshio is 8.41 miles/13.53 kms away
Toho is 8.95 miles/14.4 kms away
Matsuura is 9.11 miles/14.65 kms away
Oka is 10.59 miles/17.04 kms away
Karatu is 10.79 miles/17.37 kms away
Tanaka is 12.92 miles/20.79 kms away
Emukae is 13.5 miles/21.73 kms away
Sechibaru is 13.95 miles/22.45 kms away
Hirado is 14.66 miles/23.6 kms away
Tani is 15.54 miles/25.01 kms away
Tamashima is 16.4 miles/26.4 kms away
Sakashita is 16.53 miles/26.6 kms away
Shiohama is 6.08 miles/9.79 kms away
Tsuji is 7.52 miles/12.11 kms away
Nagoya is 8.14 miles/13.11 kms away
Yobuko is 8.86 miles/14.27 kms away
Katashima is 9 miles/14.48 kms away
Kodomo is 9.65 miles/15.54 kms away
Oshima is 10.67 miles/17.17 kms away
Tokusue is 11.22 miles/18.06 kms away
Kagami is 13.1 miles/21.09 kms away
Imari is 13.92 miles/22.4 kms away
Azuchi is 14.59 miles/23.48 kms away
Yamaya is 15.47 miles/24.89 kms away
Ochi is 15.59 miles/25.08 kms away
Gotanda is 16.45 miles/26.48 kms away
Takenokoba is 16.82 miles/27.06 kms away

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