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Cities Near Jouy-sous-les-côtes?

Bouconville-sur-madt is 5.02 miles/8.08 kms away
Rambucourt is 5.79 miles/9.32 kms away
Boncourt-sur-meuse is 5.88 miles/9.47 kms away
Apremont-la-forêt is 6.18 miles/9.94 kms away
Marbotte is 6.62 miles/10.66 kms away
Laneuville-au-rupt is 6.69 miles/10.76 kms away
Pont-sur-meuse is 6.81 miles/10.95 kms away
Xivray is 6.83 miles/10.99 kms away
Xivray-et-marvoisin is 7.04 miles/11.33 kms away
Lérouville is 7.1 miles/11.42 kms away
Ourches-sur-meuse is 7.28 miles/11.71 kms away
Ménil-la-tour is 7.74 miles/12.45 kms away
Royaumeix is 8.07 miles/12.98 kms away
Seicheprey is 8.12 miles/13.06 kms away
Vacon is 8.3 miles/13.35 kms away
Trondes is 5.39 miles/8.68 kms away
Saint-agnant-sous-les-côtes is 5.81 miles/9.36 kms away
Pagny-sur-meuse is 5.93 miles/9.54 kms away
Laneuveville-derrière-foug is 6.18 miles/9.94 kms away
Void is 6.69 miles/10.76 kms away
Hamonville is 6.71 miles/10.8 kms away
Loupmont is 6.82 miles/10.98 kms away
Ansauville is 6.98 miles/11.23 kms away
Lay-saint-rémy is 7.08 miles/11.4 kms away
Lagney is 7.24 miles/11.64 kms away
Foug is 7.44 miles/11.97 kms away
Vadonville is 7.96 miles/12.81 kms away
Richecourt is 8.09 miles/13.02 kms away
Mécrin is 8.14 miles/13.1 kms away
Bernécourt is 8.35 miles/13.44 kms away

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