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Cities Near Kampung Gajah?

Kampung Batu Lapan Lekir is 5.77 miles/9.28 kms away
Sungai Durian is 11.51 miles/18.52 kms away
Tanjung Tualang is 12.25 miles/19.71 kms away
Mambang Di Awan is 14.94 miles/24.04 kms away
Temoh is 15.35 miles/24.7 kms away
Ayer Tawar is 15.46 miles/24.89 kms away
Kampong Teronoh Tin is 16.29 miles/26.21 kms away
Teronoh is 16.83 miles/27.09 kms away
Kota Baharu is 17.34 miles/27.91 kms away
Chenderong is 17.54 miles/28.22 kms away
Bagan Datoh is 17.68 miles/28.46 kms away
Simpang Ampat is 19.61 miles/31.56 kms away
Jeram is 20.08 miles/32.32 kms away
Batu Gajah is 20.73 miles/33.36 kms away
Kampong Hutan Melintang is 20.93 miles/33.69 kms away
Lambor is 6.71 miles/10.81 kms away
Teluk Intan is 11.93 miles/19.19 kms away
Bota is 12.86 miles/20.7 kms away
Bharu is 14.95 miles/24.07 kms away
Lekir is 15.35 miles/24.7 kms away
Kampar is 15.97 miles/25.7 kms away
Malim Nawar is 16.41 miles/26.41 kms away
Tapah Road is 17.27 miles/27.79 kms away
Sitiawan is 17.38 miles/27.98 kms away
Kota Bharu is 17.56 miles/28.25 kms away
Seri Manjung is 19.33 miles/31.1 kms away
Seputeh is 19.7 miles/31.71 kms away
Chenderiang is 20.34 miles/32.73 kms away
Parit is 20.85 miles/33.56 kms away
Hutan Melintang is 21.22 miles/34.16 kms away

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