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Cities Near Kazakhstan?

Akmolinsk is 10.97 miles/17.66 kms away
Alua is 30.29 miles/48.75 kms away
Babatay is 31.53 miles/50.75 kms away
Sovet is 32.78 miles/52.76 kms away
Akzharskiy is 33.83 miles/54.44 kms away
Kurylys is 39.76 miles/63.98 kms away
Izhevskiy is 42.15 miles/67.83 kms away
Vishnevka is 45.16 miles/72.67 kms away
Aktasty is 50.76 miles/81.7 kms away
Kamyshenka is 57.47 miles/92.49 kms away
Kenbidaik is 58.33 miles/93.87 kms away
Novokamenka is 65.55 miles/105.49 kms away
Zharyk is 66.33 miles/106.75 kms away
Kazybek is 68.33 miles/109.97 kms away
Ereymentau is 71.96 miles/115.81 kms away
Zholymbet is 29.76 miles/47.9 kms away
Damsa is 30.76 miles/49.51 kms away
Martuk is 31.64 miles/50.92 kms away
Novoishimka is 33.41 miles/53.77 kms away
Tastak is 34.15 miles/54.96 kms away
Novokubanka is 40.53 miles/65.23 kms away
Novomarkovka is 43.49 miles/69.99 kms away
Michurino is 45.55 miles/73.31 kms away
Shortandy is 57.39 miles/92.36 kms away
Tauken is 58.29 miles/93.8 kms away
Anar is 60.24 miles/96.95 kms away
Kazaty is 65.61 miles/105.58 kms away
Beloyarka is 67.79 miles/109.1 kms away
Oskarovka is 70.6 miles/113.62 kms away
Stepnogorsk is 72.46 miles/116.62 kms away

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