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Cities Near Kuala Lumpur?

Batu Caves is 5.13 miles/8.26 kms away
Damansara is 5.17 miles/8.31 kms away
Kampong Bukit Lanjan is 5.73 miles/9.22 kms away
Kampong Kepong is 5.77 miles/9.29 kms away
Kuala Ampang is 6.17 miles/9.93 kms away
Petaling is 6.2 miles/9.97 kms away
Kampong Jawa Tengah is 6.52 miles/10.5 kms away
Kampong Sungai Midah is 6.72 miles/10.81 kms away
Sungai Besi is 8.06 miles/12.98 kms away
Batu Sembilan Village is 8.31 miles/13.38 kms away
Hulu Langat is 8.68 miles/13.96 kms away
Kampong Kuala Seleh is 8.97 miles/14.44 kms away
Cheras is 9.29 miles/14.96 kms away
Sungai Buloh New Village is 9.46 miles/15.22 kms away
Kampong Bukit Dukong is 10.31 miles/16.6 kms away
Kampong Seri Medan is 5.14 miles/8.27 kms away
Ampang Resettlement is 5.17 miles/8.31 kms away
Salak South is 5.76 miles/9.27 kms away
Kampong Sungai Tua Baharu is 5.87 miles/9.45 kms away
Kampong Gombak Utara is 6.19 miles/9.96 kms away
Selayang Baru Utara is 6.51 miles/10.47 kms away
Petaling Jaya is 6.72 miles/10.81 kms away
Selayang Jaya is 7.93 miles/12.76 kms away
Sungai Way is 8.12 miles/13.07 kms away
Sungai Buluh is 8.39 miles/13.51 kms away
Kampong Perimbun is 8.96 miles/14.42 kms away
Serdang Baharu is 9.29 miles/14.95 kms away
Serdang is 9.31 miles/14.99 kms away
Kampong Baharu Balakong is 9.84 miles/15.84 kms away
Serdang Lama is 10.43 miles/16.79 kms away

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