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Cities Near Kuala Terengganu?

Marang is 9.7 miles/15.61 kms away
Kampong Darat Pak Chan is 10.41 miles/16.75 kms away
Kampong Temala Hilir is 17.07 miles/27.47 kms away
Kuala Berang is 19.87 miles/31.98 kms away
Kampong Tanjong Putat is 20.47 miles/32.94 kms away
Kampung Tapah is 22.15 miles/35.65 kms away
Kampong Kubang Puyu is 22.64 miles/36.44 kms away
Kampong Penarek is 28.38 miles/45.67 kms away
Kampong Lubok Periok is 31.3 miles/50.37 kms away
Kampong Mangkok is 32.33 miles/52.02 kms away
Kampong Peteri is 37.83 miles/60.87 kms away
Dungun is 42.78 miles/68.85 kms away
Kampong Sura Masjid is 45.88 miles/73.84 kms away
Paka is 52.03 miles/83.73 kms away
Kampong Durian Bongkok is 52.77 miles/84.93 kms away
Batu Rakit is 10.38 miles/16.7 kms away
Wakaf Tapai is 13.89 miles/22.36 kms away
Ajil is 17.5 miles/28.17 kms away
Kuala Brang is 20.11 miles/32.36 kms away
Kampong Pulau Rusa Baru is 21.69 miles/34.9 kms away
Kampong Banggol Nyor is 22.31 miles/35.91 kms away
Kampung Rahmat is 25.19 miles/40.53 kms away
Bandar Permaisuri is 30.12 miles/48.47 kms away
Kampung Padang is 32.13 miles/51.71 kms away
Kampong Rantau Abang is 36.65 miles/58.99 kms away
Bukit Besi is 39.15 miles/63 kms away
Kampong Seberang Dungun is 42.8 miles/68.88 kms away
Rantau Panjang is 51.97 miles/83.64 kms away
Jerteh is 52.74 miles/84.88 kms away
Kuala Besut is 53.21 miles/85.63 kms away

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