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Cities Near Lithuania?

Buivydiskes is 5.22 miles/8.4 kms away
Salininkai is 6.08 miles/9.78 kms away
Zujunai is 6.37 miles/10.25 kms away
Baikiskes is 6.92 miles/11.14 kms away
Bukiskes is 7.43 miles/11.96 kms away
Rukainiai is 8.63 miles/13.89 kms away
Grigiskes is 9.34 miles/15.02 kms away
Riese is 9.82 miles/15.81 kms away
Lentvaris is 10.91 miles/17.56 kms away
Bezdonys is 11.82 miles/19.03 kms away
Nemencine is 13.31 miles/21.42 kms away
Pikeliskes is 14.24 miles/22.91 kms away
Trakai is 15.72 miles/25.29 kms away
Jasiunai is 16.11 miles/25.93 kms away
Kemeli is 16.63 miles/26.76 kms away
Skaidiskes is 5.29 miles/8.52 kms away
Jacani is 6.11 miles/9.83 kms away
Aikstieji Versupiai is 6.66 miles/10.73 kms away
Juodsiliai is 7.18 miles/11.55 kms away
Vaidotai is 8.31 miles/13.37 kms away
Bendoriai is 9.33 miles/15.02 kms away
Voke is 9.81 miles/15.79 kms away
Suderve is 10.41 miles/16.76 kms away
Petronys is 11.79 miles/18.97 kms away
Piliakalnis is 12.99 miles/20.91 kms away
Rakantai is 13.53 miles/21.77 kms away
Senieji Trakai is 14.73 miles/23.71 kms away
Karve is 15.98 miles/25.71 kms away
Maisiagala is 16.14 miles/25.98 kms away
Sumskas is 17.61 miles/28.33 kms away

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