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Cities Near Melton Mowbray?

Eastwell is 5.05 miles/8.13 kms away
Stonesby is 5.39 miles/8.67 kms away
Upper Broughton is 5.42 miles/8.73 kms away
Harby is 5.76 miles/9.26 kms away
Stathern is 5.92 miles/9.53 kms away
Coston is 6.37 miles/10.26 kms away
Twyford is 7.05 miles/11.35 kms away
Rearsby is 7.16 miles/11.53 kms away
Croxton Kerrial is 7.22 miles/11.63 kms away
Willoughby On The Wolds is 7.34 miles/11.81 kms away
Knipton is 7.54 miles/12.13 kms away
Owston is 8.18 miles/13.17 kms away
Ashwell is 8.36 miles/13.45 kms away
Ratcliffe On The Wreake is 8.41 miles/13.54 kms away
Queniborough is 8.52 miles/13.71 kms away
Eaton is 5.38 miles/8.65 kms away
Hoby is 5.4 miles/8.69 kms away
Ragdale is 5.7 miles/9.17 kms away
Gaddesby is 5.78 miles/9.3 kms away
Thorpe Satchville is 5.93 miles/9.54 kms away
Barsby is 6.4 miles/10.3 kms away
Kinoulton is 7.11 miles/11.44 kms away
Somerby is 7.22 miles/11.62 kms away
Sproxton is 7.33 miles/11.8 kms away
Edmondthorpe is 7.34 miles/11.81 kms away
Langham is 8.02 miles/12.91 kms away
Lowesby is 8.18 miles/13.17 kms away
Sewstern is 8.36 miles/13.46 kms away
Buckminster is 8.44 miles/13.58 kms away
Colston Bassett is 8.52 miles/13.72 kms away

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