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Cities Near Oe?

Shinomiya is 5.78 miles/9.3 kms away
Kataoka is 5.83 miles/9.38 kms away
Ritto is 6.3 miles/10.14 kms away
Momoyama-cho is 7.68 miles/12.35 kms away
Gion is 7.93 miles/12.76 kms away
Uji is 8.78 miles/14.13 kms away
Fushimi is 8.8 miles/14.17 kms away
Shimmachidori is 9.17 miles/14.75 kms away
Kyoto is 9.73 miles/15.66 kms away
Shimo-dachiyuuridori is 10.06 miles/16.2 kms away
Katata is 10.36 miles/16.68 kms away
Nishijin is 10.51 miles/16.92 kms away
Iwakura is 11.06 miles/17.8 kms away
Kinugasa is 11.39 miles/18.32 kms away
Terada is 11.72 miles/18.86 kms away
Daigocho is 5.78 miles/9.3 kms away
Shimo-sakamoto is 6.07 miles/9.77 kms away
Sakamoto is 7.47 miles/12.02 kms away
Moriyama is 7.85 miles/12.64 kms away
Yasu is 8.07 miles/12.99 kms away
Ishibe is 8.8 miles/14.16 kms away
Oguracho is 8.88 miles/14.29 kms away
Nishinotoindori is 9.73 miles/15.66 kms away
Kioto is 9.87 miles/15.88 kms away
Nagano is 10.22 miles/16.45 kms away
Maki is 10.47 miles/16.85 kms away
Saiin is 10.67 miles/17.17 kms away
Nagaike is 11.35 miles/18.27 kms away
Ohara is 11.42 miles/18.38 kms away
Yodo is 12.23 miles/19.68 kms away

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