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Cities Near Ponte Arpiglio?

Madonna Dell'acqua is 5.24 miles/8.43 kms away
Nugola is 5.76 miles/9.27 kms away
Guasticce is 6 miles/9.65 kms away
Calci is 6.21 miles/9.99 kms away
La Palazzina is 6.26 miles/10.08 kms away
Latignano is 6.77 miles/10.89 kms away
San Giuliano Terme is 6.91 miles/11.12 kms away
Tre Colli is 7.62 miles/12.26 kms away
Tirrenia is 7.85 miles/12.63 kms away
Podere Isola Primera is 8.19 miles/13.18 kms away
Lavaiano is 8.26 miles/13.29 kms away
Vecchiano is 8.43 miles/13.57 kms away
Luciana is 8.73 miles/14.04 kms away
Spinelli is 8.8 miles/14.17 kms away
Migliarino Pisano is 9.04 miles/14.54 kms away
Uliveto Terme is 5.5 miles/8.85 kms away
Cascina is 5.94 miles/9.57 kms away
Colle Salvetti is 6 miles/9.66 kms away
Stagno is 6.21 miles/10 kms away
Fornacette is 6.67 miles/10.73 kms away
Cenaia is 6.8 miles/10.95 kms away
Montemagno is 7.43 miles/11.95 kms away
Vicopisano is 7.84 miles/12.62 kms away
Fauglia is 8.07 miles/12.99 kms away
Gombo is 8.25 miles/13.28 kms away
Marina Di Pisa is 8.33 miles/13.4 kms away
Torretta is 8.44 miles/13.59 kms away
Buti is 8.79 miles/14.15 kms away
Calambrone is 8.81 miles/14.18 kms away
Calcinaia is 9.24 miles/14.87 kms away

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