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Cities Near Potcoava?

Sarbii-magura is 5.66 miles/9.11 kms away
Barla is 6.71 miles/10.8 kms away
Perieti is 7.58 miles/12.2 kms away
Badesti is 8.14 miles/13.1 kms away
Schitu is 10.09 miles/16.23 kms away
Tufeni is 10.4 miles/16.74 kms away
Valea Mare is 10.75 miles/17.29 kms away
Crampoaia is 12.22 miles/19.67 kms away
Tecuci is 13.5 miles/21.73 kms away
Slatina is 14.39 miles/23.16 kms away
Nicolae Titulescu is 14.67 miles/23.61 kms away
Buzoesti is 14.84 miles/23.89 kms away
Bujoreni is 15.41 miles/24.8 kms away
Spineni is 15.52 miles/24.98 kms away
Ungheni is 15.65 miles/25.19 kms away
Zavoiu is 5.82 miles/9.37 kms away
Harsesti is 7.42 miles/11.94 kms away
Scornicesti is 7.58 miles/12.2 kms away
Stolnici is 8.74 miles/14.06 kms away
Priseaca is 10.12 miles/16.29 kms away
Serbanesti is 10.65 miles/17.15 kms away
Colonesti is 11.55 miles/18.58 kms away
Brebeni is 12.74 miles/20.5 kms away
Teslui is 14.15 miles/22.77 kms away
Poboru is 14.67 miles/23.6 kms away
Mirosi is 14.71 miles/23.68 kms away
Caldararu is 14.97 miles/24.09 kms away
Vladuta is 15.47 miles/24.9 kms away
Coteana is 15.57 miles/25.05 kms away
Curtisoara is 15.65 miles/25.19 kms away

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