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Cities Near Ranón?

Almuña is 5.5 miles/8.85 kms away
Iglesia De Santiago is 6.68 miles/10.75 kms away
Lañada is 9.18 miles/14.78 kms away
Soto De Luiña is 9.47 miles/15.24 kms away
Vigo is 10.8 miles/17.38 kms away
Loro is 11.35 miles/18.26 kms away
Puerto De Vega is 11.54 miles/18.57 kms away
Navelgas is 12.33 miles/19.85 kms away
Sabadel De Troncedo is 12.92 miles/20.8 kms away
Tineo is 13.52 miles/21.75 kms away
Cudillero is 13.71 miles/22.06 kms away
Andés is 14.24 miles/22.91 kms away
Villabona is 14.7 miles/23.66 kms away
Navia is 15.16 miles/24.4 kms away
Cornellana is 15.33 miles/24.67 kms away
Luarca is 6.21 miles/9.99 kms away
Otur is 8.35 miles/13.43 kms away
Candanedo is 9.47 miles/15.24 kms away
Miño is 10.49 miles/16.88 kms away
Malleza is 11.03 miles/17.75 kms away
Salas is 11.46 miles/18.45 kms away
Poles is 11.75 miles/18.91 kms away
Barrero is 12.59 miles/20.26 kms away
Anleo is 13.41 miles/21.57 kms away
Anzás is 13.65 miles/21.96 kms away
Paderne is 14.19 miles/22.84 kms away
Sante is 14.65 miles/23.58 kms away
Ponte is 14.99 miles/24.12 kms away
El Espín is 15.24 miles/24.53 kms away
Corralinos is 15.43 miles/24.83 kms away

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