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Cities Near Rixin?

Zixing is 9.97 miles/16.04 kms away
Jiedong is 14.82 miles/23.85 kms away
Bailin is 16.21 miles/26.09 kms away
Qianjin is 18.56 miles/29.87 kms away
Daling is 19.69 miles/31.69 kms away
Xinsheng is 22.08 miles/35.53 kms away
Xingdong is 23.01 miles/37.03 kms away
Chen is 24.62 miles/39.62 kms away
Yanping is 24.95 miles/40.15 kms away
Quantang is 26.88 miles/43.25 kms away
Leiyang is 30.09 miles/48.43 kms away
Huatang is 31.89 miles/51.33 kms away
Dashi is 33.72 miles/54.27 kms away
Wanli is 35.93 miles/57.82 kms away
Huojiaxu is 38.5 miles/61.96 kms away
Jingui is 12.26 miles/19.73 kms away
Xingning is 15.2 miles/24.46 kms away
Yashiping is 17.9 miles/28.81 kms away
Huangshi is 18.86 miles/30.36 kms away
Longtang is 20.57 miles/33.1 kms away
Lanshi is 22.43 miles/36.1 kms away
Nantang is 23.26 miles/37.43 kms away
Chenzhou is 24.62 miles/39.62 kms away
Longhai is 25.16 miles/40.49 kms away
Zhongtang is 29.43 miles/47.37 kms away
Shijian is 30.82 miles/49.61 kms away
Sanjia is 33.17 miles/53.38 kms away
Xingfu is 33.84 miles/54.46 kms away
Nanling is 38.21 miles/61.49 kms away
Xinshi is 38.87 miles/62.56 kms away

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