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Cities Near San Fernando?

Alua is 5.76 miles/9.27 kms away
San Mateo is 6.17 miles/9.93 kms away
San Jose is 6.61 miles/10.63 kms away
Pinambaran is 6.69 miles/10.76 kms away
Jaen is 6.94 miles/11.16 kms away
Candating is 7.16 miles/11.52 kms away
San Anton is 7.75 miles/12.47 kms away
Pamabaran is 8.1 miles/13.04 kms away
San Miguel is 8.82 miles/14.2 kms away
Lanang is 9.18 miles/14.77 kms away
Arayat is 9.46 miles/15.23 kms away
Lambakin is 9.55 miles/15.38 kms away
Plaza Luma is 9.93 miles/15.97 kms away
Candaba is 10.22 miles/16.45 kms away
San Leonardo is 10.46 miles/16.84 kms away
Santa Cruz is 6.17 miles/9.93 kms away
Camias is 6.24 miles/10.05 kms away
Gapan is 6.61 miles/10.64 kms away
General Tinio is 6.8 miles/10.94 kms away
Castellano is 7.06 miles/11.36 kms away
Salapuñgan is 7.47 miles/12.02 kms away
Nieves is 7.8 miles/12.56 kms away
Lawang Kupang is 8.2 miles/13.2 kms away
San Francisco is 8.89 miles/14.3 kms away
Putlod is 9.29 miles/14.95 kms away
Mapaniqui is 9.49 miles/15.27 kms away
Anyatam is 9.92 miles/15.96 kms away
Barit is 10.21 miles/16.43 kms away
Pasig is 10.44 miles/16.8 kms away
Mallorca is 10.78 miles/17.36 kms away

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