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Cities Near Sivas?

Bingöl is 7.19 miles/11.57 kms away
Zengi is 16.49 miles/26.54 kms away
Saridemir is 18.76 miles/30.18 kms away
Banaz is 20.35 miles/32.76 kms away
Kapak is 23.28 miles/37.47 kms away
Yakupoglu is 24.83 miles/39.96 kms away
Basekin is 35.16 miles/56.58 kms away
Cayirova is 37.76 miles/60.76 kms away
Saltik is 38.8 miles/62.45 kms away
Kapucu is 39.43 miles/63.46 kms away
Sarkisla is 42.35 miles/68.16 kms away
Altuntas is 43.22 miles/69.56 kms away
Gaziosmanpasa is 45.39 miles/73.05 kms away
Tokat is 46.09 miles/74.17 kms away
Konalga is 46.29 miles/74.49 kms away
Karamehmet is 14.08 miles/22.66 kms away
Navruz is 18.6 miles/29.94 kms away
Nevruz is 18.85 miles/30.33 kms away
Dereköy is 22.22 miles/35.76 kms away
Yildizeli is 23.6 miles/37.98 kms away
Çekem is 31.3 miles/50.37 kms away
Artova is 36.9 miles/59.38 kms away
Arap is 37.86 miles/60.92 kms away
Emlâk is 38.97 miles/62.72 kms away
Kangal is 40.44 miles/65.07 kms away
Dogansar is 42.4 miles/68.23 kms away
Eyüp is 43.44 miles/69.91 kms away
Yagmur is 45.41 miles/73.07 kms away
Atkiran is 46.19 miles/74.34 kms away
Kizil is 47.57 miles/76.56 kms away

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